The Panduhs

Are a Indie Pop band from the Central Valley. The Panduhs started in 2006 with Neil Vento and Frank Montes (a.k.a Frank Panduh) The duo met in High School. The band has has had several great band mates join on the road and in the studio. Like Jeff Moreno on bass, Daniel Barrientos, Josh Lownsberry, Theodore Souza, And Garret Smart. The Band has had had the oppertunity to tour with Calvin Johnson of “K” Records, as well as The Hive Dwellers and Selector Dub Narcotic. The Band has also played with great bands like Agent Ribbons, Math The Band , Tele Novella , The Shivas and many other great bands.

Listen to the panduhs on https://thepanduhs.bandcamp.com